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Here at The Private Travel Company, we have curated a global list of contemporary art galleries that we consider remarkable and a must see. Not only confined to the big players in the art world, we have also included a selection of smaller galleries which represent upcoming artists worldwide.

Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli, Italy


Castello di Rivoli is an exceptional contemporary art museum. The museum promotes the understanding of the art of today, thus becoming a hub for creative growth to occur. By showcasing these contemporary artists and exposing them, it allows for a greater understanding about these artists and their position in today’s culture.  This museum has formed a dialogue between the past and the present through housing its contemporary collection in this glorious historic building. The museum not only houses static pieces of art, but is also host to temporary and transient pieces which help forge the identity of the museum.
We would recommend visiting the Wael Shawky exhibition which starts on the 3rd November 2016; this is his first retrospective exhibition in Italy. Shawky has exhibited in MOMA, New York and the Serpentine Gallery, London, among many other museums, galleries and Biennales. His work tackles religious and national identity through storytelling. His pieces are intricate and beautifully detailed, the exhibition will be fascinating visual narrative to transcend all boundaries.

Below is an image of Wael Shawky’s Cabaret Crusades III: The Secrets of Karbala 2015

Wael Shawky Contemporary Artist

WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town, South Africa



WHATIFTHEWORLD is a pioneering art gallery, this unique art gallery originally acted as a front for young contemporary South African Artist’s who were underpinned by the global contemporary art movements. At this point in time they are nurturing a second generation of artists, which is an exciting time as it gives visitors a chance to view this artistic growth in the present. The gallery participates in a variety of shows and biennales, such as the Venice Biennale and the Havana Biennale. An exhibition that we are particularly excited about is currently showing now.
Artist Olaf Hajek’s exhibition ‘Green Room’ is brimming with colourful portrayals of the fine balance between imagination and reality. Displaying the life cycle through imagery connected to folklore and fairytale. This is a beautiful exhibition, with images that you could spend hours studying the intricate detailing of. Here at the Private Travel Company we would recommend a visit to see for yourself the dreamlike imagery of Olaf Hajek.

Below is an image of Olaf Hajek’s The Green Room 2016

Olaf-Hajek the green room

Gallery MOMO, Johannesburg, South Africa



Gallery MOMO in Johannesburg is a gallery which is heavily supportive of local talented artists. But not only confined to supporting surrounding talent; it also acts as a vehicle of support for international upcoming artists. This gallery also takes part in many international biennales, positioning itself highly in the contemporary art world. The exhibition that we are eagerly anticipating is the Florine Demosthene display, Demosthene is an American Artist of Haitian decent. His work is mainly focused around the representation of the black female body and stereotypical notions associated with this subject.  The background textures of Demosthene’s images are soft and textured; watercolour clouds frame the images of the female form. We are extremely excited about this opening and for the chance to view a large selection of his work.

Below is an image of Florine Demosthene’s Wonder Twins

Contemporary Art Gallery in South Africa

The Breeder, Athens, Greece


The Breeder in Athens, Greece is comprised of both Greek and international artists, not just emerging but established also. The galleries display is the end result of a nurtured process of the development of the individual artists. There is a beautiful exchange which occurs within the gallery of introducing international artists to the Greek public and local Greek artists to the international contemporary art world. Alexandros Vasmoulakis’ exhibition ‘The Eaters and The Eaten’ closing this month is a visual delight, with a range of abstract deconstructed images, it is a must see! We would recommend paying a visit before the exhibition closes.

Below is an image of Alexandros Vasmoulakis’ ‘Untitled’ 2016

Alexandros Vasmoulakis Untitled 2016

Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim Bilbao is one the most striking buildings, designed by Frank Gehry. It is located on the Nervion River, which runs through the city of Bilbao. Housing artworks by both Spanish and international artists it is usually host to large scale site specific and installation works by contemporary artists. The exhibitions on display are constantly changing which gives the museum a fluid identity. Infamous Sam Taylor-Johnson’s piece ‘Sigh’ is being displayed at the museum on the 8th September. An 8 screen projection which deconstructs raw human emotions; the piece displays an orchestra ‘playing’ instruments only they are empty handed, inferring to humanities inherent vulnerability. As Taylor-Johnson’s pieces are projections the best way to experience this piece is at the museum, we would recommend going to see it first hand, a unique and wonderful experience.

Below is a still image of Sam Taylor-Johnson’s ‘Sigh’ 2008

Contemporary Art in Europe

If would like to hear more about the destinations that host these wonderful artistic spaces please contact us on: 020 3355 6764


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