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There are few more pleasant things to do on holiday than wander the cobbled streets of a local town, getting pleasantly lost in the process and stumbling across a charming local hostelry for some mid-afternoon refreshment. And there are few places in which it’s easier to do this than in Mykonos town (Chora to the locals), a bewildering maze of streets apparently designed to confuse marauding pirates. During the afternoon the central streets are also closed to traffic making it particularly pleasant for a post-prandial stroll.


A significant feature of the town are the distinctive, hundred-year-old windmills, testament to the island’s rich agricultural past. Also a handy landmark when you finally wish to find your way home through the labyrinth of narrow streets. It is from the hill on which many of the windmills stand that one can get the best views of Little Venice, the most picturesque part of the town and set almost on its own small peninsula. Its elegant old houses teeter precariously over the water and this old quarter makes an idyllic spot for watching the sun set from a waterside café with an evening aperitif.


Whilst in Little Venice, you are more than likely to encounter Petros the pelican, the official mascot of Mykonos. This tradition (if not the original pelican) has been going since 1954 and he is quite the local celebrity, always keen to pose for a photograph.


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