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Enjoy the scenic route that takes you to Bois Chéri tea plantations and tea factory. Learn all about the tea making process that transforms the freshly picked leaves into our delicious variety of teas. You will then be welcomed at the Bois Chéri chalet where you will appreciate a tea tasting session accompanied by a superb view onto the tea plantations.
The next stop will take you to a traditional colonial house at Saint Aubin. Here you will get the opportunity to learn about the manufacturing process of vanilla and rum, followed by a visit to the anthurium green houses.
Take lunch overlooking the magnificent view from Andrea Lodges. The lodges are nestled in a pristine natural environment, the perfect background for a few photos!
Next, discover animals such as crocodiles, monkeys and tortoises in a natural environment at La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes…a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature.
Finally, admire the crashing waves at Gris Gris for a spectacular end to your day out. Let the fresh sea air revive your senses before starting your evening.


Tea Plantation Mauritius

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