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Our Product Manager, Brydie, recently travelled to the island of Tobago for the first time and wanted to highlight just what makes this island so special.
I recently travelled to the island of Tobago for the first time and wanted to highlight just what makes this unique island so special.


Tobago wildlife

There’s no doubt that Tobago is thriving with wildlife and sea life and a big part of that is because the island is so unspoilt. I met many people living in Tobago that told me that the island barely changes as the decades pass and this is what makes it so beautiful and protected.

Home to many wildlife reserves and the famous ‘Bird Island’ where Sir David Attenborough filmed rare birds, Tobago is rustic and natural. My favourite area of the island was Castara, a small seaside village on the leeward coast. The scenery is simply breathtaking and all of the homes and hotels are blended into the dramatic mountains ensuring they don’t intrude on the landscape. The beaches are spotless and quiet, making it the perfect destination for couples to wander and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with not a person in sight.


Pigeon Point, Tobago

The waters on each side of the island vary from the calm still waters of the Caribbean side to the breezy currents of the Atlantic side. For me personally, the beaches on the South West side are the most impressive and Store Bay beach in particular is a great spot. It is the most popular beach on the island and it’s easy to see why; there are plenty of things to enjoy, from Miss Jean’s curry crab and dumpling, to the ladies selling local snacks like red mango and benet sticks, to the departure spot for boat tours to Buccoo Reef. The waves average at around 30 centimetres in height, making it perfect for swimming for all of the family.

Switching off

Tobago Sunset

Tobago is incredibly laid back in many ways. You won’t find many dress codes here and often you will find locals and visitors dining barefoot, or simply relaxing with a Carib beer, watching the world go by, locally known as ‘Liming’.

There are so many spots both within your chosen resort, and around the island where you can sit down and breathe in the fresh air. iPhones and tablets are put away and replaced with a cold rum punch instead. If you’re looking to get away from it all and experience an island that simply doesn’t change with the rest of the world, then Tobago is the island for you.

Getting out and about

Tobago Jazz Experience

The island of Tobago is easy to get around and I would highly recommend you do so. There are many gorgeous spots to enjoy from the cocoa plantation to the Argyle waters and many areas to explore from the island’s capital, Scarborough, to small sea villages.

For the evening, there are excellent fine dining options including the Sea Horse Inn where you can enjoy scallops and listen to the sounds of the ocean nearby. For blending with the locals, Crown Point is a popular spot with a choice of many bars and restaurants; it becomes particularly popular on a Sunday evening, after Sunday School, which is the island’s outdoor party, where steel bands and entertainers bring locals and visitors together. Whether you want to retreat to your resort by 10pm or party the night through, there are options.

Diving and Snorkelling

Tobago Turtle Diving

The island of Tobago is well known for its excellent diving and snorkelling. With so many reefs to take advantage of, it makes the perfect destination for both experienced professionals and beginners that are looking to give it a go for the first time.

The waters are crystal clear and filled with numerous crevices and caves where you can spot moray eels, lobsters, rays, groupers and the largest turtles I have ever come across in the Caribbean. Almost every resort has its own diving centre and there are excellent diving centres around the island that will offer complimentary pickups and drop offs at your chosen hotel.

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