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Soak up the island’s trade history and discover part of what has forged Mauritius today, before making a few bargains of your own at the central market! This trail will take you to the northern part of the island. First stop, the Botanical Gardens of Pamplemousses, one of the most beautiful and most ancient in the world. It is home to many treasures of the botanical world.
As you continue on the trace of Mauritian history, L’aventure du Sucre, an old sugar factory now converted into an interactive museum, will reveal the history of sugar cane which has influenced the country’s culture and identity as a whole.
Moving closer to the capital, La Citadelle, once a military fort, built in the early 19th century, offers impressive views of Port Louis.
It’s time to step right into the heart of the capital city and to get ready for some bargaining. Let your senses travel through the sights, sounds and aromas that characterise the traditional central market.
Before visiting the Blue Penny Museum, home to two of the rarest stamps in the world, continue your shopping experience at the Caudan Waterfront where some of its tempting boutiques will end your day in style.


Mauritius Botanical Garden

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