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The exciting reopening of Belmond’s Italian hotels is mirrored in the unique and wonderful opportunities in the surrounding culture. These exclusive experiences are made possible by us at the Private Travel Company and the members of the concierge team at each of the Belmond properties.

The array of experiences on offer is extremely diverse and personal to your interests and needs. From losing yourself in the storied artisan markets of Venice, to visiting an expert shoemaker in Sicily. Belmond will bring you to some of the country’s top craftspeople. Discover a whole new world of creativity. Experience the spirit of the renaissance first hand.
At Studio Galleria Romanelli, you can learn to sculpt like a Florentine master with the assistance of two eminent sculptors; each from a family line which has been in the business for five generations. This would be a perfect experience for a guest staying at Belmond Villa San Michele, as this experience is local to that.


The Belmond Hotel Cipriani is host to an artisanal market, Mercatino dei Granai; showcasing Veneto’s top artisans. A carefully curated selection of 30 sought after jewellers, fashion designers, leather crafters and gourmet producers congregate to complete this exclusive experience. From this market there are stunning views overlooking the lagoon and St. Mark’s Square. This event is organised to support the local community as well as being a luxurious affair for guests to enjoy.


Our clients that stay at the Belmond Hotel Caruso can indulge in some local culturally rich experiences. Chef Antonio Dipino owns both La Caravella Art Gallery and the Michelin-starred restaurant with the same name. Dipino has a beautiful ceramic collection which dates from the 1800s to the present, many of which can be seen on display at his restaurant. His gallery, located nearby, showcases new works by local artists.


Our clients that stay at the Belmond Hotel Splendido may use their complimentary Bvlgari soap and wonder what makes it so special. These beautiful soaps are crafted by Genoa-based Valobra. Valobra was established in 1903, with an ambition to preserve the techniques of the 18th century soap masters. Situated a 40 minute drive from the hotel, it couldn’t be simpler to find out. As guests of the hotel you can take a tour and witness his production process. This tour allows you to visualise the stages in which the products which adorn your beautiful hotel room came to life.


Where better to forge your perfect style than La Bottega del Sandalo. Neapolitan artisan Luigi Di Caro and his wife Simona Di Gregorio man the shop; fashioning leather sandals, thongs and flip-flops from scratch. There is an exceptional range on offer, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for they have a service in which they create custom designs. These designs are extremely personal, based on the shape of your feet, your eye and hair colour and your personality; the end product is a unique reflection of you. Stay at Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo or Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, and we along with the concierge there would be more than happy to arrange this experience for you.
All of the above are once in a lifetime experiences, and an opportunity to purchase an individual memento to bring back to your home.


If you would like to hear more please contact us on 020 3355 6764

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