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Where and when to go on holiday

Deciding on where to go on your next luxury holiday might not always be down to the weather. We have put together some inspirational travel ideas that encompass festivals, celebrations, wildlife and seasonal phenomena’s that only happen during certain times of the year. Deciding on a holiday destination due to the weather could be misleading, sometimes the sun maybe shining, but it could be too humid, or their might be a chance of a few showers. On the other-hand the this may bring a refreshing relief and the chance of excellent prices to visit the country or island you have been dying to see.

Whenever you want to go, The Private Travel Company can recommend the right place for you at the right time of year that can include everything you want to see and do during your luxury escape.

Mauritius Beach

Celebrate Diwali in Mauritius

The Diwali celebration in Mauritius is a wonderful thing to experience. The festival of lights results in oil lamps being placed in front of every home in Mauritius, transforming the island into a flickering fairy-tale land.

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Semana Santa

Semana Santa in Spain

Spain is renowned for their Holy Week celebrations running up to Easter Sunday, which take place across the country. In essence, Semana Santa commemorates the last week of Jesus’ life, beginning with his arrival in Jerusalem and culminating in his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

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Greece Sea Scape

Navy Week in Greece

Navy Week is celebrated during the last week of June on any even-numbered year in Greece, with the focus being particularly strong in the area of Soudha on Crete.

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St Kitts & Nevis National Carnival

St Kitts & Nevis National Carnival

The St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival otherwise known as ‘Sugar Mas’ is a unique Caribbean carnival. This individuality stems from the fact that it is the only Caribbean carnival to blend the spirit of Christmas into the festivities.

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Trevi Fountain Rome

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rome

Rome is a wonderful place to celebrate the festive season, especially New Year’s Eve. The city is adorned with twinkling fairy lights, making it even more enchanting. At midnight, fireworks erupt over the Pantheon and the surrounding square, colourful splashes dance in the sky over the beautiful ancient city.

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Vincy Mas St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Vincy Mas in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Vincy Mas is a celebration which takes place in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. It is a fun and vibrant carnival which references heritage, music and life. Steel drum bands adorn the streets, while costume parades and street parties happen daily.

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European Churches

Christmas Traditions Across the Globe

Although strictly speaking Christmas is a Christian festival, celebrations take place the world over in both Christian and non-Christian communities. Here are just a few of our favourite Christmas traditions that are just that little bit unique.

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Tuscany Landscape

Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

Searching the Italian woodland for this rare and exciting culinary delight is a fun family activity. Being led by a hunter and his dog they scour the floor in search of the rare gem. The best place for Truffle hunting is Alba, in the province of Cuneo, near to Florence.

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Running of the Bulls Pamplona

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

Every year from 6th until 14th July the fiestas of San Farmin are celebrated in the town of Pamplona in Northern Spain; these have now become renowned internationally due to the running of the bulls which takes place through the streets of the town culminating at the bull ring.

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Abu Dhabi Ramadan


In 2016 Ramadan will start on Monday 6th June and continue for 30 days until Tuesday 5th July. During this time, observant Muslims refrain from eating or drinking between dawn and dusk therefore it is certainly worth bearing in mind if you are planning to travel to any Muslim countries during these dates as there will be noticeable changes.

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Reggae Sumfest Jamaica

Reggae Sumfest Jamaica

Reggae Sumfest spreads across Montego Bay in Jamaica, it has been coined ‘The greatest reggae show on earth’. Each night of the event is themed differently with a colourful array of parties in different locations, all close to Montego Bay.

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Palio Sienna

Palio in Siena, Italy

The crazy and famous horse race Il Palio takes place in the ancient city of Siena in Tuscany twice a year, once in July and again in August. The race is between the 17 ‘contrade’ which are the various areas which the city of Siena is divided into: Eagle, Snail, Wave, Panther, Forest, Tortoise, Owl, Unicorn, Shell, Tower, Ram, Caterpillar, Dragon, Giraffe, Porcupine, She-Wolf, Goose.

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