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A Biblical Tour Of Greece

For those who love history, culture and really understanding a country, we have put together an inspirational journey that follows in the footsteps of  Apostole Paul’s journey in Greece.

Journey Highlights

Retrace the footsteps of Apostole Paul through Greece

Visit Phillip, where the first church in Europe was established

Experience the majestic and spiritual rock formations of Meteora

Enjoy Corinth and Athens, both important sites of Apostole Paul’s journey through Greece

Trip Details

When to Go:


Ideal Length:

10 days

Destinations :

Thessalonica, Philippi, Kavala, Vergina, Meteora, Corinth, Athens

Best for :

Couples, Families, Culture, Religious

What To Expect

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Athens and the one that will greet you to begin retracing the footsteps of Apostole Paul’s journey in Greece. You will visit the City of Philippi, where Paul established the first church in Europe. Here you will also see the river where Lydia is thought to have been baptized and the ancient Forum and jail where Paul and Silas were imprisoned. You will relax and enjoy the seaside town of Kavala, the port that welcomed Apostle Paul on his first journey to Europe.

During your explorations you will see the Egnatian Road, the Galerius Arch, the Citadel and visit the Archaeological Museum. We will then travel to Vergina, the first capital of Macedonia, where we will visit the tomb of Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great followed by a drive to Veria. In Veria, you will visit the synagogue where St. Paul preached and visit a historical home allowing you to step back in time. Our journey continues to the majestic rock formations of Meteora where you will visit thousand-year-old Byzantine monasteries perched high on colossal grey and reddish boulders. First built in the 14th century by monks seeking isolation and salvation, the site now exhibits superb icons, old manuscripts, unique mosaics and frescoes.
Your journey continues to Corinth via the famous Corinthian Canal, followed by a tour of Ancient Corinth; it was here where the Apostle Paul came, worked and established a thriving church. We will see the Agora, the Temple of Apollo, the Roman Odeon, the Bema, and Gallio’s Seat. We will visit the Archaeological museum before continuing to the Ancient Port of Cenchreae to see the ruins of a 5th century Christian basilica.
The final leg of your journey in Greece will be spent in Athens where you will travel back in time visiting the famous Parthenon, the Erechteum and visit to Mars’ Hill (or Areopagus) (Acts 17:22), where Apostle Paul delivered his well-known sermon. Learn about the city where Aristotle, Pericles, and Plato once lived and visit the New Acropolis Museum where you will marvel at the artifact and treasures of antiquity.

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