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Crete’s Authentic Beauty

Spinalonga Greece Crete

Glorious beaches, lush valleys and steep gorges, local farms, wineries, remnants of brilliant civilizations, and Crete’s rich gastronomic culture all play a part in this 7 day itinerary. Full of culture, stunning landscapes and a real in-depth guide to Crete, this itinerary is perfect for those who don’t just want to relax on the beach in Greece, but don’t worry, there is plenty of opportunity to do that before or after this action packed adventure.

Journey Highlights

Travel to the picturesque Gramvousa peninsula and Balos beach by boat and explore north Cretan coast.

Explore Samaria, the longest European gorge starting from an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level and end up to Agia Roumeli beach.

Visit a “boutique” winery estate in Chania region and explore with wine tasting some gems of Cretan terroir.

Experience traditional agricultural activities in a local farm.

Cretan hospitality and luxury accommodation.

Selected Restaurants (some of them with gastronomy awards) offer the most authentic experience of world famous Cretan gastronomy.

Trip Details

When to Go:


Ideal Length:

7 days


Chania, Rethymno

Best for:

Couples, Families, Beach Life, History & Culture, Gastronomy

What To Expect

Crete’s natural beauty is equalled only by the richness of its history. The island is the birthplace of the first advanced society in on European soil, the Minoans who ruled over much of the Aegean some 4,000 years ago and as the crossroads of three continents, Crete has been coveted and occupied by consecutive invaders.

In the end, though, it’s humans that create the most vivid memories. Crete’s spirited people champion their unique culture and customs, and time-honored traditions remain a dynamic part of the island’s soul. This mosaic of history, mythology, gallantry and natural beauty is a challenge that you can’t resist walking through.

The journey begins in Chania, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece – rightly named ‘Venice in the East’, keeping alive the imprint of the various cultures that have passed through down the centuries. You will be guided through the historical quarters of the Old Town and you will have a unique wine tasting experience of several varieties of local grapes, carefully cultivated by their owners in order to absorb the unique flavors of White Mountains, the aromas from local herbs and wild aromatic plants.

Hiking across breath taking Samaria gorge with stunning view of Aegean Sea, can provide an insider look of Cretan landscape and nature. Northwest of Chania is the beautifully wild and remote Gramvousa Peninsula, whose main attraction is the stunning lagoon-like sandy beach of Balos.

Next stop on your journey is Rethymno, one of Crete’s most delightful towns, with its charismatic Renaissance-era Venetian buildings sprinkled with exotic features from the Turkish period. You will visit a 40,000 square meter farm, a replica of a 17th-century estate and a showcase of centuries-old, organic and eco-friendly traditional farming methods. You will experience traditional agricultural activities and you will have lunch in the restaurant of the farm, which was named Best Organic Restaurant by Vanity Fair in 2009.

You will discover the mountainous part of Rethymno while driving through Amari region on our way to Preveli Beach, also known as Palm beach in one of Crete’s most celebrated strands. The Amari Valley is a quilt of unspoilt villages punctuated by Byzantine churches and framed by olive groves and orchards.

Glorious beaches, lush valleys and steep gorges, local farms, wineries, remnants of brilliant civilizations, and Crete’s rich gastronomic culture will leave their mark.

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