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Discover Peloponnesse, A Cultural Journey


Peloponnese is the stuff of which legends are made, only a few steps behind the glory, reputation and status of Athens, it is an incredible getaway full of culture and history that brings the past to life. From Byzantine cities to Venetian and Frankish fortresses, classical temples to Mycenaean palaces, this region is brimming with architectural gems.

Tucked away in the valleys and hanging from the mountainsides are the villages that are among the Peloponnese’s greatest treasures. Combine this with staying at beautiful luxury hideaways: Amazoe or Kyrimai Hotel, and you have yourself a dream cultural escape.

Explore some incredible Unesco World Heritage sites
Visit the historic centre of Athens
Hike towards one of Europe’s most southern points, at Cape Tenaron
Discover Mani region known for its rugged terrain, vast olive groves and stone hilltop villages
Visit Olympia – the origin of the Olympic Games
Stay in amazing hotels and explore the incredible local area without sacrificing luxury

Day 1 - Athens

Your trip will begin in Athens. Ancient and modern, with equal measures of grunge and grace, bustling Athens is a heavy mix of history and edginess. Iconic monuments mingle with first-rate museums, lively cafes and al fresco dining. The magnificent Acropolis rises above the sprawling metropolis and has stood witness to the city’s transformation.

Day 2 - Acropolis and Cape Sounio

There’s a reason the Acropolis remains the quintessential landmark of Western civilization, it is spectacular. Crowed by the Parthenon, it stands towering over Athens. After lunch, you can take the scenic coastal road to Cape Sounio which is the southernmost point of Attica. The Temple of Poseidon stands there, on a craggy spur that plunges 65m down to the sea.

Day 3 - Nafplio and Theatre of Epidarus

After breakfast, visit Nafplio, one of Greece’s prettiest and most romantic towns. It occupies a knockout location – on a small port beneath the towering Palamidi fortress, and is graced with attractive stepped streets overhung with balconies dripping with bougainvillea, elegant Venetian houses, handsome neoclassical mansions, enticing shops, restaurants, cafes and interesting museums. After lunch, you can drive towards the Theater of Epidaurus, one of the best-preserved Classical Greek structures, renowned for its amazing acoustics. A coin dropped in the centre can be heard from the highest seat.

Day 4 - Mystras and Monemvasia

Take a trip to the modern city of Sparta. It’s among the most beautiful historical sites in the Pelopponese. Next stop is the spectacular Monemvasia rock, it’s the Greek equivalent to Gibraltar with the nickname Gibraltar of the East. This perfect fortress is an iceberg-like slab of rock moored off the coast, with sheer cliffs rising hundreds of meters from the sea. A medieval village is enclosed within the walls of the rock’s castle with narrow, cobbled streets, flanked by winding stairways that weave between a complex network of stone houses with walled gardens and courtyards.

Day 5 - Monenvasia and Mani

Grab some lunch in Monemvasia before driving towards the Mani region which is one of the least visited areas in Greece. To this day the architecture of the area is famed for the tower houses and fortified family dwellings. Have a wonder round this beautiful, unspoilt setting.

Day 6 - Mani and Cape Tenaron

The Mani region is home to the steep Taygetos Mountains with tiny coves and ports nestling beside them, which makes for some memorable and dramatic scenery. On your penultimate day, why not hike the path which leads to the cape Tenaron, one of Europe’s most southern points, towards a magnificent lighthouse.

Day 7 - Ancient Olympia

Visiting the site of Olympia is a must! Take a trip to the archaeological site and museum, as it has some of the most incredible works of Classical art, such as a sculpture of the temple of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the statue of Nike by Paionios and the famous Hermes of Praxiteles are among some of the museum’s masterpieces.

Hotels to Stay at in the Peloponnese

Perched on a hilltop looking out over Porto Heli sits the luxurious Amanzoe, surrounded by olive groves and offering stunning views out towards the Aegean. All the Pavilions, Villas and Beach Cabanas have private pools with wonderful outdoor terraces. Interiors are spacious and the style throughout is simple and neutral, using a lot of stone and muted tones with architectural inspiration taken strongly from classical Greek architecture. The principal restaurant with its floor to ceiling glass windows serves simple and elegant Mediterranean dishes with wonderful views as a backdrop.

Kyrimai Hotel
Located in the Mani region of the Peloponnese and previously a 19th Century trader’s warehouse and store, this hotel has been carefully restored to ensure the original materials have been used throughout the buildings and in accordance with the existing architecture. The stunning Tower House enojoys panoramic 360 degree views across the bay.


All itineraries are just a suggestion and can all be tailored to suit your requirements. Here at the Private Travel Company, everything we do is tailor-made for your perfect escape.

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